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10 Ways to Maintain Car Headlights

Maintaining your car headlights is an important part of ensuring correct care inside and outside the vehicle. Car headlight bulb, much like any other light on a car, is subject to harsh environmental conditions that can have an adverse effect on them. Therefore it’s good to know how to maintain them properly so they will serve you longer.

10 ways to ensure proper maintenance of car headlights

  1. Check all connections for power or ground leaks. This includes headlight wiring, fuses, relays, and ballast resistor packs (if equipped). A small amount of current leaking from these components could cause overheating which can melt insulation causing wire damage or worse—a fire hazard!
  2. Make sure bulbs are securely seated in the headlight housing. If a bulb pops out or is even slightly loose, it will not light. Therefore, it’s important to take the time to turn each bulb 1/4 turn after it is installed.
  3. Inspect the reflector and lens on the headlight for damage. A cracked or pitted reflector will cause poor light output while a scratched or dirty lens will reduce the amount of light that reaches the roadway.
  4. Make sure the headlight adjustment screws are set correctly. Improperly adjusted headlights can cause excessive glare for oncoming drivers and can also decrease your visibility while driving.
  5. Replace car exterior accessories such as headlight bulbs as needed on time. Remember it is very important to inspect and test your headlights after each bulb replacement.
  6. Check for poor ground connections at the battery or engine block, as well as corrosion on the battery cables and terminals. Cleaning these components will ensure a good ground connection and can enhance the electrical performance of your vehicle’s various systems.
  7. Use only high-quality replacement bulbs. Cheap knock-off bulbs may look similar but they likely won’t have the same lifespan or light output as the originals.
  8. Always use caution when working on or near a car’s electrical system. If you’re not comfortable doing it, have a professional do it for you.
  9. After replacing an HID headlight bulb, or doing any work on the headlight itself, always check and adjust the aim of your headlights again. If you don’t do this and they’re still out of alignment, you can blind other drivers and/or decrease your own visibility.
  10. As with most components of a vehicle, it’s important to use care and common sense when caring for headlights.

Following these 10 simple steps will help keep your car’s lights in good working order so that you won’t have to worry about being left in the dark.  Also, you must consider the manufacturer’s recommended service intervals for headlights. Many automakers recommend the replacement of the headlight bulbs and/or cleaning of the lens every year or two.

With these tips, you can ensure that your car headlights are performing optimally and safely. Headlights are an important safety feature on your car and should be maintained regularly to ensure optimum performance.​

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