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Can a Windscreen be repaired if it has a Chip?

A windscreen can be repaired if it has a chip that has not spread extensively. With a chip, the glass does not have to be replaced. A knowledgeable technician will repair the chip but you need to request their services as the damage happens.

It is important to note that driving can cause the chip to grow and result in the damage becoming beyond repair. At this stage, a more costly full replacement service will be required. For this reason, it is essential that you find a windscreen repairer who comes to you to fix your chip at your location.

How to Identify a Chip

When you look at the windscreen with a damage and you can see where the impact is (it is usually not big), then you are looking at a chip. It’s totally different from a crack and this one is caused by debris or pebbles.

The chip could be in form of a bulls-eye, a gouge or a crack chip or a partial bulls-eye. All these can be repaired and doing it in good time will prevent the need for a replacement. This particular glass is laminated and is what makes it easy to repair such damages

What Determines Whether the Chip can be repaired?

When a technician looks at the chip, they consider the size, the depth and the location. This is because if it’s too large or it’s obstructing the view of the driver, the windshield might have to be replaced.

The Depth of the Chip

The depth of the chip also determines if the chip can be repaired or not. If it has not penetrated through the plastic interlayer and the inside layer which is made of glass, then it can be repaired. A technician will recommend a windshield replacement.

The Size of the Chip

If a chip is 3 inches and below, most windscreen repair companies will fix it without issues. Different companies will limit the size of the chip they can repair. This is the reason once you notice the chip, you should contact a technician as soon as possible.

The Location of the Chip

If the chip is within the driver’s line of sight and extends to the edge of the windshield, then a repair is not recommended. If a repair is done, this will highly likely risk the structural integrity of the car which puts your safety on the line.

Windscreens chips are repaired when they are within the repairable size, it does not affect the driver’s vision and it has not penetrated through all the three layers of the glass. It’s advisable that as soon as the glass is damaged, it’s addressed by a technician to avoid costly replacements.

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