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Minute factors to keep in mind while renting a car in UAE

Before going to a Ferrari Dubai rental to rent one car, you have some knowledge of the following requirements.

Age limit

Every country has restrictions on allowing people younger than a specific age from driving vehicles. In Dubai, this limit is eighteen years of age. A person who is elder than 18 can drive a car. However, as we are dealing with the renting process of cars, we have to consider the age limits assigned to the drivers who drive rented cars. If you wish to rent a car in Dubai, you have to be over twenty-one years of age. Else, you could bring some other adults in your company to rent a vehicle. Some rentals in the city may allow you to rent cars at a younger age also. However, they will charge you heavily because of the risks involved. So, it is always recommendable not to rent a car if you are not above 21.

Accidents cover

Accidents are unexpected, and any car could meet with one. So, you have to check whether the car you rent has the necessary accident covers with it. These coverage policies will take care of the restoration works on the vehicle when you face an accident unexpectedly. Let us assume that you have rented a vehicle that does not has accident coverage. If you have met with an accident and there is damage on the exterior of your car, you would have to inform the car rentals immediately along with the provision of a complaint in a nearby police station. If you miss any of these, the total costs of restoring the damaged parts of the vehicle would be on your shoulders.

Traffic charges

UAE is a nation of rules, and there are strict restrictions to follow on roads. If you are renting a car and traveling around the city of Dubai, you have to follow all the traffic rules. Once you miss following any of these, you would have to pay several charges as fines to the government. As you would have been kept some amount as a security deposit with the car rentals, they could deduct these fines from that amount. So, it is better to follow all the rules while using a rental car inside the city.

Extras with the car

You would not only pay the rent for a car but also pay some additional charges. Let us consider that you need a GPS tracker installed in your car as there is not one by default. In this case, the rental company will ask you for an extra amount to do so. Another case is when you require a trained car driver for your vehicle. Here, the driver charges will also add up to your rent amount. So, there are several possibilities for your rent amount to differ according to your additional needs. You have to beware of these.

Fuel policies

It is necessary to check whether the car rental has fuel policies and act accordingly.

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