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Changing Trends in Automobile Manufacturing as Safety Becomes the Main Concern

When we are driving a vehicle on the road, our aim is to travel from one point to another while our goal is to travel that distance safely. Our safety and those of others travelling with us is our primary priority. However, certain incidents on the road are unpredictable and sudden.

Under such circumstances, we need that our vehicle is strong enough and technologically equipped to bear the shock and save our lives. This is why we browse the car safety features of many cars and choose the one that is the safest, and has most advanced technologies in our budget. This is why NCAP ratings have gained so much importance in the recent past.

As the safety perception of customers have changed over the past years even automobile manufacturers have stepped up and started adding more value to the safety features of their vehicles.

The trend has changed since the pandemic and many people are considering buying their own private vehicles instead of sharing a public mode of transport to protect them from the viral infection that has left our lives in total chaos.

While the luxurious vehicles come with high standard safety features, the task with the automobile industry is to add these dynamic features to small budget vehicles as well, in order to target the current market of those who are shifting from public transport to private vehicles, and cannot afford safety at the cost that has been previously available.

Value added features required in vehicles in 2021

  • It is now mandatory that ABS system is installed in all the 2 wheelers belonging to 125cc category and below that.
  • Another important feature that could be seen in the lower category vehicles is the ESC system that has the potential to evaluate how the vehicle will react according to the input of the driver.
  • While many automatic vehicles are in the market nowadays; they still lack the ADAS features that incorporate Emergency break assistance and many such features.
  • Certain low-cost technologies could be seen in low budget 2 wheelers in countries like India. One such technology could be ARAS system that could assist the young drivers in riding safely on the roads.
  • Many advanced forms of passive safety technologies apart from seat belts and air bags could be seen in the new vehicles in the upcoming years.
  • One such passive safety feature that is getting the most highlight is safety domain unit that could heavily reduce the number of fatalities that normally occurs in a crash.

An average customer today has become very aware of car safety ratings and features, and this greatly affects their purchase behaviour as well. The more advanced safety features are added in low budget vehicles, the more sale the automobile industry will see in the upcoming year. Many people from the middle income sector of the society are giving preference to commute in private vehicles.

This could be seen as a transitioning time in the automobile industry, where they need to focus more on automation and electrifying the vehicles and making them as safe for road travel as possible.

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