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Important Features your Auto shop Management Software Must Have

Incorporating as much technology as you can into your auto shop repair business is one of the best ways to ensure smooth operations. As long as you choose your software wisely and get what you actually need, you should be able to utilize these tools to the maximum.

 One thing to keep in mind is that features define software functions. This means that if the software doesn’t have some specific features, it wouldn’t be able to perform some specific functions. And while your requirements will determine the type of software you go for, here are some features they must have;

Live Webinars

Software is made of technology. And not everyone is a tech pro. This means that if you are an average person with basic computer skills, it doesn’t mean you are ready to get the software and use it. It wouldn’t take long before that excitement fades when you realize you don’t know how to handle most software features.

Live webinars are an essential feature of the software to guide you through how to use them. If you want to buy software, look for one with continuous webinars to show you even the new updates. This may include;

  • New user training for your employees when you get the software and your future employees if you plan to hire more (offered at least monthly)
  • Advance user training
  • Updates on changes, enhancements, and new developments

Good Search Capabilities

Once you start using the software, you will realize that you need good search capabilities to go back and forth client data, tasks assignments, and different documents. A quick and straightforward search feature incorporated into the software will help a great deal.

You might want a search feature to quickly retrieve customer information, job kits, help, training, service history, vehicle information, etc. You want to locate every detail that you may need fast.

Tech Alerts

Even though these systems have their own minds, you want to be notified every time they perform a function, just to confirm that everything is in order. That is why finding one with technician alert features is essential.

In the same way, the system needs to know when you or any other users perform functions. These are for records and to ensure any errors are rectified before they can cause any damage. They both help in increasing efficiency at work.

Advisor Module

Another feature a good system must have is the advisor module. These are advisors specific, for instance, in customer details and authorization. Some modules even eliminate clutter and make important information available when needed.

The advisor modules comprise of different components such as;

  • Technician module, which is technician specific. They may include inspections and assignments
  • Part manager module, which is parts manager specific. Some functions they perform include inventory locations and parts history
  • Management module, which is manager specific. They perform tasks such as payrolls, financials, and employee records.

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