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Beginners do’s and don’ts for auto detailing

Auto detailing has always been one of the best ways to clean your car properly. It involves using some great techniques to clean, polish, and protects the vehicle from prime to bottom, and in and out. Auto detailing may sometimes seem to be a bit expensive. Still, a proper detailing is recommended every three to four months to remove the dirt that festers on the paint, and also to preserve the original appearance of your vehicle.

What Is Auto Detailing?

Auto detailing or car detailing is a procedure that cleans the car entirely to keep it in its best possible condition. It involves cleaning the car from inside and outside and also polishes it to give a gleaming look. The whole effort is locked with wax so that your car does not get dirty anytime soon. However, this process does not include any mechanical repair in the car or paintwork.

Why Is It Important?

Auto detailing is essential for every car to keep it new and great. It is crucial because of a number of reasons such as

  • It helps the car look like a new one
  • It increases the resale value of your car if you want to sell it
  • Your car will not require frequent car wash sessions after getting an auto detailing
  • It kills germs that circulate inside your car and is another reason why auto detailing is essential
  • It is effective and totally worth it 

How Much Does It Cost and Why?

A regular auto detailing cost starts from $50 if the car is average-sized. But this amount can go up to $150 or more as the vehicle’s size increases, usually, because bigger vehicles need extra attention, time, and effort to give them a new and refined look. The cost of auto detailing is high compared to a regular car wash because of the following reasons.

  • Auto detailing provides excellent results and works as an all-rounder for a car.
  • It provides in-depth cleaning of the interior and exterior of your car
  • It keeps the car in better condition for longer as compared to a simple car wash
  • It goes beyond a car wash

Do’s of Auto Detailing

Auto detailing is a skill that you can master. There is always a right way to carry out any procedure. Here are some do’s and don’ts of auto detailing. Begin the auto detailing process with the interior of your car. The following points can help you out in doing the detailing yourself.

Lubricate the Doors

Auto detailing is not only about cleaning the car, but also lubricating the parts with higher friction. One must lubricate their car doors to have a smooth experience overall. 

Wipe Before It Dries

Once the spray is done on the car surface, it should be dried using a microfiber cloth because it dries on its own. 

Use Two-Directional Wiping Technique

While cleaning the glass windows, you should use a two-directional wiping technique to avoid smudges and marks. Cleaning the glass in a circular motion may make it dirty rather than clean. 

Two Buckets Method

Throw water with the help of buckets after spraying the car. Do not forget to wipe off all the dirt with a microfiber cloth. 

Use of Good Products

Choose the products very wisely for auto detailing. Some products turn out to be cheap, and they do not provide good results at all. Moreover, auto detailing needs better products that could actually get your car a better look.

Interior Perfuming

Do not forget to perfume your car interior. It leaves a good impression on everyone who sits in your car. 

Don’ts of Auto Detailing

Here are a few don’ts of auto detailing. 

Don’t Use Sponge

A sponge is not effective in auto detailing. Do replace your sponge with a microfiber cloth because it will have a better grip on your car surface to clean it properly. 

No Detergents

There must be no use of detergents. The reason is, they are supposed to remove hardened grease and dirt. By using the detergents, you may even get your paintwork removed somehow. So, it’s definitely not okay to use a detergent.

No Reuse of Dirty Water

You cannot use dirty water again to clean your car. It will not clean your car but make it even filthier.

No Auto Detailing in the Sun

Sun rays are not good for the car surface that is going through auto detailing. You must not park your car in the sun while doing auto detailing, instead park it in a garage or shadowed place. 


Auto detailing has a way of paying attention to even the tiny details that add up to make your vehicle look show-worthy. Using the wrong techniques shall lead to poor results that are not worth it. Be sure to take care of your vehicle by giving it a thorough detail. Following these do’s and don’ts can help you get the best car detailing that is just equivalent to car renovation.

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