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How to Tell If You Need a New Transfer Case

Vehicles with four-wheel drive or all-wheel drive have a transfer case. It is usually located near the transmission and takes power generated by the vehicle’s engine while distributing it to the wheels. Essentially, this component allows cars to get more traction when driving on a slippery surface. Yet, there are many types of transfer cases used in vehicles according to models and brands. Others are gear-driven, while others are chain-driven.

Regardless of the vehicle’s transfer case, it is an excellent idea to ensure it works optimally and in good condition. If it isn’t, the chances are high that the car may develop some damages to the transmission. For this reason, the car owner should always be aware of the signs of trouble with the transfer case. Here are some of them in detail.

Strange Noise from Underneath the Car

The sound coming from underneath the car may emanate from just anywhere. But more often than not, it has a lot to do with the transfer case. An aging or damaged transfer case usually produces some grinding or clicking sound. So, this is one of the perfect moments to get the car checked out and consider a replacement with some top options like a 273 D transfer case.

Difficulty Shifting Gears

The gears in any transmission, manual or automatic, should shift smoothly. If they don’t, then it could mean severe issues with the transmission alongside the transfer case. This is also a perfect indicator that the car owner should consider professional assessment to check the transfer case. If confirmed that it is going bad, a replacement will be ideal.

Vehicle Can’t Stay in Four-Wheel Drive.

A car should stay in four-wheel drive until the owner decides otherwise. So, in most cases, when the vehicle can’t remain in four-wheel drive, it may mean the transfer case is the problem. This is yet another sign that the car should be inspected for transfer case issues. And if confirmed, replacing it will be an excellent idea.

Signs of Fluid Leak

Different types of fluid can leak under the car. But when it is around the transfer case area, it may mean bigger problems. The truth is that any leak from the vehicle is a cause of concern. So, it is an excellent idea to tow the car for evaluation to find out why it is leaking. In most cases, a new 273D transfer case will stop the leaking.

Check Engine Lights Are On

Driving a car around with a bad transfer case will put the engine computer to pick up on the high internal temperatures that the transfer case is producing. More often than not, this will cause the vehicle’s check engine light to pop on. When this happens, it is an excellent idea to find out why the lights are on. But remember, it may mean a new transfer case is highly needed to eliminate the warning light.

Final Words

The signs that one should consider a transfer case replacement are many. But what makes the most significant difference is getting assistance from an expert to do a further assessment. Also, choosing quality brands of transfer cases is necessary.

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