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Servicing Tips for a Jeep Engine Misfire

When that long awaited road trip finally arrives and you are all set to start the exciting journey, your Jeep, the most trusted travel partner suddenly betrays by not responding to your key, we can guess the disappointment it can bring to all. You keep trying repeatedly but in vain. The engine misfires, even if it starts at one point of time, and you feel the day is saved, it might not really. A few minutes in the car and your confidence can waver seeing the stutters and jerks that the engine retaliates with.

What could have gone wrong? Well, the technicians of the Niles Jeep service center explains that when one or more of the engine cylinders fails to complete the ignition process and is accompanied by a power loss, it causes the misfire.

It can be tricky for to track down the problem if the misfire only occurs under certain circumstances, for example, under load. Not all misfires occur across the operating spectrum.

Diagnosis of the Issue

The reasons behind the Jeep engine misfiring can be various. Once you take your Jeep to the designated Jeep dealership service center, the staff will instantly start the process of diagnosing the issue with the help of a  code reader that can identify the cylinder which is at fault. This is the first stage of the diagnosis so, it might not be able to determine if the problem lies with the injector that is serving a cylinder or the ignition Spark that isn’t able to do its job well.

Hence, the next step will be checking out the spark plug by removing all the lead deposits from the coil pack. In most cases in this process of removal the ignition can start taking place, and the idling performance of your Jeep can heal. But if it doesn’t, then the next thing in the checklist will be the wires that might need a replacement.

If that too doesn’t make any difference, then we can be sure, that the issue is not with the ignition system. Hence, the injectors are the next parts that need to be checked.

After a negative response to all these processes, the last thing that needs to be thought about is whether it was a bad fuel pump that is causing all the misfires. To make sure, the fuel pressure will be checked as well as the entire system of the powertrain to know what is going out of the way. The Jeep service centers will always be well equipped, and nothing can go unnoticed and undiagnosed under the strong screeners of their servicing equipment.

Last Word of Advice from the Jeep Experts

At the center of Jeep service near Niles  we were explained in detail, that a misfiring engine is a direct indication of a loss of power, that can make a car go stranded at the middle of the road, creating a difficult situation to handle. So, whenever your Jeep engine refuses to start, it is strongly recommended, not to take it out for a drive without being checked by a certified specialized Jeep mechanic.

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