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Business Solutions – Why Leasing a Commercial Vehicle Makes Sense

If you are running an SME, you may not have the capital to invest in a large fleet of commercial vehicles, but that shouldn’t stop you from expanding. There are other ways to grow your business, even when you don’t have a lot of money to play with. Smart businesses that rely on transport often look at van leasing them instead of buying.

Flexibility – One of the best things about leasing commercial vehicles is that they offer more flexibility. You will find all kinds of models at Global Vans, these vehicles can be used for a range of different tasks, such as moving goods or transporting people. Instead of crippling your company with a massive investment in vehicles, why not opt for a flexible alternative?

Avoid Massive Investment – Buying a fleet of commercial vehicles is not only a big investment, it is also a huge risk. What if things don’t work out? If you decide to rent vehicles, you can add or take away whenever you need. For example, if business starts to boom, you can lease more vehicles. If things go quiet, you can remove this expense by returning them to the lease company. If you buy a vehicle, you are stuck with monthly payments.

Zero Maintenance – Vehicles need to be repaired and maintained, if they are neglected, they will run into problems and cost you more money to fix. If you have a fleet of privately owned vehicles, you will have to keep a record of check-ups, MOT tests and more. All of this costs money and it is something you must stay on top of. If you lease a vehicle you don’t have to worry about anything, the onus is on the rental company to maintain their fleet.

Support Services – If you run your own fleet of vehicles, you will inevitably run into problems. A van or car will break down on a busy workday and you are responsible for finding a quick solution. But, if you rent your commercial vehicles, you have support from the lease company. Most provide 24/7 help in the event of a problem.

Renting a commercial vehicle certainly has a lot of benefits. You can use them for a period of time where they are needed, if business slows or you have periods where a reduced fleet would help, you can increase the fleet or downsize where applicable. Leasing a vehicle also allows you to concentrate on core aspects of your company.

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