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Now that You Are A New Jeep Owner – Don’t Forget These Must-Do Things

Seeing a jeep wrangler for sale is exciting stuff! Whether it’s a shiny brand-new Jeep at the dealership fresh from the factory, or a used Jeep online–the possibilities of going off-road and driving an SUV as reliable and stylish as a Jeep is tantalizing. Seen as a top-tier SUV for many years, veteran Jeep owners are proud of their vehicles but encourage new Jeep owners to not forget a few must-do things to get the most out of their Jeep and keep their Jeep in tip-top condition for handling the streets or the off-roading course.

Must-Do #1

Nobody wants to buy a new vehicle only to get bogged down with expensive insurance. So then, when a person decides to buy that jeep wrangler for sale down the street, finding that affordable auto insurance is the next great step for getting the enjoyment out of this new ride. There are many different carriers to go with when insuring a Jeep Wrangler. These companies are easier to find than ever with online and instant quotes where a new Jeep owner can compare rates from the couch… or even the driver’s seat of their new Jeep! Affordable auto insurance doesn’t mean poor coverage either. Most of the time, it is just taking the proper time and due diligence to find that perfect deal.

Must-Do #2

Jeeps are built for performance and excellence on the road or off the road. No one knowingly goes out to buy a vehicle that performs poorly and isn’t exciting to drive. According to the pros at Lee Hill Auto Service and their 2019 blog, neglecting the catalytic converter is one of the ways to ensure poor performance… even in an SUV like a Jeep. Unusual smells from the exhaust system and poorer engine performance can be avoided by regular maintenance and putting a catalytic converter additive in regularly. This helps keep the catalytic converter running in top shape. Going online or to the auto parts store is one of the best ways to find the correct catalytic converter additive to add and ensure a great time on the road.

Must-Do #3

Keep a spare tire ready to go! Many times, a Jeep owner is a driver that wants to go off the beaten path and forge their own. These conditions, while enjoyable and exhilarating, can be harder on tires. Keeping a spare on hand is not fool-proof! This means keeping the spare tire ready to go: Aired-up, in good condition, with the correct equipment to make a change on the go in less-than-ideal conditions. Even education/know-how on changing the tire itself and being able to handle this task saves money and time in the future!

Must-Do #4

Keeping water, flashlights, food, and tools are not on the agenda for many vehicle owners. According to Caroline Tremblay (2014 blog), they should at least be in the storage of a Jeep though. Being stranded without the necessities is a daunting position to be in. Again, as mentioned earlier, Jeep owners are usually not the typical driver. Going through snowy conditions in the cold may also necessitate something else left off the previous list: Blankets and warm clothes. Even though Jeeps are some of the very best tools for enjoying off-road driving, the elements and path conditions are not always predictable or friendly to any sort of vehicle: Even an army tank can be slowed by deep mud or an unforeseen sinkhole!

Must-Do #5

Embrace the culture. Jeep owners, as alluded to are a proud bunch. They know what their machine can do and love doing it. Taking weekend trips camping or driving off-road is only a few of the fun things to try! And so, embrace the family culture that comes with it… there is even a wave to keep an eye out for! Matthew Konkle (2016 blog), reminds Jeep owners to not be confused if fellow Jeep owners are lifting a few fingers nonchalantly off the wheel in greeting. It’s because of the new wheels!

Must-Do #6

Konkle also reminds Jeep owners to not be afraid to get the Jeep a little dirty… or very dirty to where it is no longer evident the Jeep is bright yellow or red. It can sometimes feel like a shame to dirty-up a brand new Jeep that shines in the sun, but if getting some mud, dust, water, and dirt over the vehicle wasn’t in the plan, there is an experience being missed. A regular sedan like an Altima, a Prius, or an Accord might have been a better purchase if getting some dirt on the vehicle is treated like an “avoid-at-all-cost” scenario. Jeeps have irregular capabilities that other vehicles can’t match, and so sticking to the clean streets is actually like leaving some money on the table for a capability that was previously paid for!

Must-Do #7

Customize the Jeep! This unique SUV is more than sheer power and performance–there is also the opportunity to really make the look unique. Going online or to an auto parts dealer is a good place to begin. From headlights to tires to seating and paint jobs–customizing a Jeep to make it unique is all part of the fun. Some of these unique features are also helpful to the off-roading cause. For example, Eitm Online’s article (2020)  reminds their blog readers that customizing the Jeep with additional lights on the top or sides not only looks cooler on the highway or in the city but helps a lot with visibility in the forest or bog where no street lights have been put up. Also, other accessories like winches go a long way in getting out of a jam when need be.

Must-Do #8 (Final Tip!)

Make memories and help others in the time being! Jeeps offer a wide variety of opportunities to drivers and passengers alike. Memories will be made in the muddy swamps and forest trails while enjoying scenery otherwise not seen by the average car driver. Meanwhile, Jeeps are also great at helping others get out of a bind. Someone might be stuck and need to be pulled out. Kayla O’Kresik (2016 blog) reminds her readers that the equipment that can be put on a Jeep couple with the SUV’s power is just right for lending a hand and helping a neighbor.

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