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Deregistering & Selecting The Right Scrap Car Dealer

How to scrap my car? If your car is reaching the end of its COE period, then you may be wondering how to go about scrapping it. In this article, we shall go through how to deregister your car and how to select the right car scrap dealer.

Deregistering Your Car

The process of deregistering your car involves mostly administrative work and form filing. You will first need to obtain a Transaction Pin (TPIN) from the Land Transport Authority (LTA).

The TPIN is needed in order for you to complete any transactions on the e-services webpage of One Motoring. Furthermore, the TPIN is also required even if you were to engage an Electronic Service Agent (ESA) to expedite the deregistration process.

Once the request for a TPIN has been submitted, you will typically need to wait between 3 to 5 working days for a letter from LTA to arrive. You will find the TPIN enclosed in the letter. We recommend that you plan in advance and cater for time to have the TPIN arrive at least 2 weeks before your intended vehicle deregistration or scrapping date.

To commence deregistration of your car, you will need to print a copy of the deregistration form (D01) from One Motoring. Fill in this form, while preparing the car owner’s original NRIC. Furthermore, pay off any outstanding fees, including that of road tax and car loans.

Selecting an Authorized Scarp Car Dealer

When selecting an authorized scrap car dealer, the first thing you need to look out for is their operating certificate. Having the relevant certificate is indicative of the dealer being compliant with the car scrapping laws and regulations. Secondly, due to the transaction size involved, it is imperative that you spend time to check the reviews or testimonials that have been given for the dealer. If possible, authentication of the reviews should be done to ensure that they were given by real car owners.

Another factor that should not be overlooked in choosing a dealer is the scrapyard’s location. Simply put, the nearer the yard is to your home, the less cost you will incur in both towing and personal transport expenses.

Once you have narrowed down your choices to a couple of trustworthy car scrap dealers, it is time to get in contact with them. This can be done through a simple phone call or email exchange. Typically, a brief assessment will be conducted by the dealer before they make an offer.

Scrap Your Car With Ease

Once you have selected the right scrap car dealer for you, the rest of the process should be smooth. Follow their instructions closely and ask questions to clear any doubts that you may still have about the car scrapping process.

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