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Does Clazzio make seat covers for trucks?

Clazzio has ensured that all car owners enjoy a luxurious and comfortable ride for over 2 decades now. Since 2009 it has started making seat covers for trucks as well. So all the truck drivers who are bored of looking at the regular interiors of your car and having an uncomfortable drive on the hard seat, Clazzio is here to solve your misery.

Just like the Clazzio seat covers for cars, the seat covers for the truck are fit easily on the existing seats. There is no need to remove the current seat upholstery to use these seat covers. The leather seat covers are a nice upgrade to the dull-looking seats you have seen for years now. Once installed they will look like factory installed seat covers. Every seat cover is designed after rigorous research and development. This is why Clazzio truck seat covers are made especially for the truck model you own. Unlike the other seat covers which are generally made for a specific dimension.

You may have a lot of questions about the seat covers for truck and we are here to answer them for you.

  • Does the Clazzio seat cover make the seat comfortable?

Clazzio truck seat cover comes with 0.5-inch memory foam that makes your ride more comfortable and provides the extra cushion you need for the long drives.

  • Is there a warranty on the seat covers?

Clazzio truck seat covers come with a one year warranty on the manufacturing defects. Any damage done by the customer during the regular use isn’t covered under the warranty.

  • What comes in the 2-row seat cover kit?

The kit includes a full interior seat cover set that includes the cushion cover for top and bottom, covers for headrest, and optionally an armrest cover depending on the truck model.

  • Is the entire seat cover made from leather?

The centre portion of the leather set cover is made entirely from perforated leather while the rest is made from high-quality PVC. Since the PVC is of high quality, there is hardly any difference between the leather and PVC from the outside.

  • How to maintain the Clazzio truck seat covers?

Every seat cover is made specifically for a model, it is installed differently depending on the interiors. There may be straps or trims that may need to tucked or folded for installation. Maintaining them is easy and quick. They can be cleaned with a wet cloth regularly.

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