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Four Common Signs your Car Needs to be Serviced

Your car is one of the most important commodities in your life.  If you own a car, you don’t have to run for the bus or book expensive rides. That is why you must take good care of your car and be aware of the warnings signs that indicate it needs repair. If your car faces any of the following issues, have it serviced at Highline Car Care immediately:

Strange Noises

Any noises that your car produces must be checked before they become serious issues. Some of the most common sounds you may hear from your car include the following:

  • Strange exhaust noise. This noise could mean the exhaust has a hole or crack.
  • Whining from under the bonnet. You will hear this noise when the belt is loose, which can cause all kinds of problems such as battery issues and overheating.
  • Uneven engine noise. This noise takes place when your car is idling. This can mean the engine is misfiring.
  • Unusual noise when you step on the brake. This could mean worn brake pads.

Your Car Suddenly Stops

If your car suddenly stalls or the engine sputters out when you push on the accelerator pedal, this could mean your car is facing a more serious problem. Plus, when your car stops in the middle of a busy intersection, it can be a recipe for disaster. Therefore, you must not take drive your car when you find it hard to start it. Instead, have it checked by a professional mechanic right away.

There is Steam or Smoke that Comes from Under the Bonnet

This problem is usually caused by overheating or issues with your car’s radiator. Although you must get your vehicle checked out immediately, seeing steam from under the bonnet will not put you in immediate danger. But, if you see blue smoke coming from your car, you must get someone to tow the car to the storage. You must know that blue smoke is cause by burning oil that can cost you a lot when ignored.

There is Vibration Under Braking

This issue with your car can be due to worn brake discs or pads, a problem with the steering, or a suspension issue. You must get your car serviced as soon as possible. Also, these symptoms can indicate tire wear, so make sure the tires have at least the minimum requirement of tire tread. Also, ensure they are not wearing unevenly.

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