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Important Benefits Of Switching To Winter Car Tires

Winter is the season when the roads get packed with snow. Driving a car under such conditions with normal tires poses difficult conditions for a driver. In addition to making a comfortable and safe drive, winter tires provide several more benefits to a car owner.

Specialty compounds

It has been observed that at temperatures 7 C and less, the rubber component in summer and all-season tires starts to become hard. This causes problems for car drivers to get a safe grip on the road. The inability to get a grip can even lead to accidents. Winter-specific tires are made to offer flexibility in sub-zero environments reaching as low as -30 C.

Superior level of traction

Winter tires also feature remarkable and deeper siping. It can result in thin tears on the horizontal section all across the tire tread. These tires are built to create improved movement and can nibble the snow or ice that is attached to the road. A winter tire provides an aggressive tread pattern that lowers the possibilities of the buildup of snow.

Paddlock imports are one of the leading companies that provide superior quality snow tires Denver. They use higher-performance, and original BMW accessories and parts to ensure that users get the best and long-lasting performance form their machines.

Better braking abilities

When faced with a scary condition, drivers sometimes tend to stomp the vehicle on the brake pedal. The problem becomes more acute when the car has stiff and season-inappropriate tires.

Such tires are more probable to respond in the form of skidding over a slippery, and a cold surface. Use of proper winter tires helps your vehicle to stay soft, and its lost composure. Furthermore, the “stopping distance” gets improved by 30% by using a winter tire.

Hydroplane resistance

As tires start to roll over the ice-covered pavement, it causes the ice to melt. Such melting of ice leads to formation of a water layer that can slide the car and cause accident. Winter tires help in removing such an uncontrollable situation by its hydroplaning phenomenon.

In this case, specialty grooves are used to push the water on the side and prevent coming on the driving path.


Changing your car tires to winter tires is a necessity for areas that experiences heavy snowfall. Not just these tires make your drive comfortable, but also free from various types of risks.

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